raum für events

An island in the midst of the city’s hustle and bustle.

In the heart of Munich the former spirits factory offers open spaces for professional events, ranging from arts and culture to business and party events.

Discover the unique fusion of modernity and history, ambience and service which provides the perfect framework for any kind of event.


Small or large, white or colorful, clean or pillared – the diversity of praterinsel’s event spaces mirrors the eventful past of the venue. Therefore each of our clients can choose the proper space to represent their personality, the product or company at its best.


If you’ve visited Munich, you probably know the Praterinsel. The former Riemerschmid spirit factory is located in the heart of the Bavarian capital in view of the Maximilianeum, the Deutsches Museum and the magnificent Maximiliansstraße. As imposing as its location is the island’s history, which looks back on 200 years as a place of leisure.


The secularization forces the Franciscan monks to sell their vegetable garden grounds to the innkeeper Anton Gruber for 1300 Gulden. Gruber launches a pub and the Munich citizens give the place its name.


Gruber, who is also active at the famous Octoberfest, builds a wooden dance pavilion on the Praterinsel, which is replaced by a stone structure in 1817.


Anton Gruber succumbs to economic pressure and sells the Praterinsel to the liquor and vinegar manufacturer Anton Riemerschmid, who relocates his production facilities to the island. A housing and industrial building is constructed in late classical style. The building remains as an early example for industrial architecture and has magnificent three-aisle porticos.


In 1922 Professor Richard Riemerschmid reconstructs the main building to its current form. The core of this building still features remains of the Prater building dating back to the Biedermeier era.


Riemerschmid relocates the production facilities of his by now well-known liquids to the outskirts of Munich. The idyllic ensemble lays idle.


The imposing vaults are renovated and rededicated to their current function as event spaces.


The Praterinsel-based event planning agency planworx takes on the operation of the location via its subsidiary praesidion, bringing new life to the historic area.

Since 2013

From May to September the PRATERSTRAND in the Praterinsel’s Isar Courtyard spreads holiday feeling with its beach bar, sand and deck chairs, mini pool and summer food.